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About Us

Sbanesihle Training and Skills Development is a registered training provider in terms of Close Corporation Act with the registration number of 2009/175171/23. Sbanesihle Training is also registered and accredited by MERSETA with an accreditation number of 17-QA/ACC/0589/11 The training centre is specialising with mechanical engineering trainings specially on machining of components using the CNC machines.

The establishment of the Sbanesihle Training and Skills Development has been premised on contributing in a tangible way of filling the unemployment gap and shortage of qualified and skilled CNC people. Sbanesihle is the training centre with high growth, high performance market leaders on CNC that is committed to the professional development and recognition of student.

At Sbani we endorse and passionately subscribes to South Africa’s framework for educational training provisioning. That is why we endeavour to ensure that all our learning interventions are unit standard based.



Our CNC people are well trained to produce quality jobs. hese training include using measurements instruments, reading technical drawings and operating the machine. Our students are also well trained about the importance of the time management, production and safety in the workshop. We also teach them about 5W’s and H that they must practise while working.

They must know their job descriptions, and to whom they report so that they can accomplish their task easily.

Here we emphasise the importance of coming earlier at work and the results of late coming.

These include safety measures and where to get help in case of emergency.

It also goes hand and hand with the workplace safety and the quality of the production.

How to keep your workplace safe and clean.

How to do your job right always.

Our culture of reliability and quality goes all the way from training to production. Sbanesihle has competitive prices that are hard to beat.
We are continually in search of new and innovative techniques to improve our offering and enhance the quality of service to our clients.
Therefore no task that is too big, too small, or too challenging for us.